You should also know important facts related to dinosaurs

You Also Know Important Facts Related To Dinosaurs By Priyanka Pal 20230323 1116 Ist Jagranjoshcom

History Of Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Were Born 23 Million Years Ago And The Last Dinosaur Died 65 Million Years Ago.

How Long Did Dinosaurs Live On Earth? Dinosaurs Lived On Earth For 160 Million Years, Only 01 Of Its Life Span And The Period In Which They Lived Is Called The 'Mesozoic Era'.

Who Gave The Name Dinosaur The Word Dinosaur Comes From The Greek Word Meaning Terrible Lizard And This Word Was Given In 1842 By Richard Owen, A British Paleontologist.

Remains Of Dinosaurs Have Also Been Found In India, Remains Of Dinosaurs Have Also Been Found On The Banks Of River Narmada In Gujarat, It Is About 70 Million Years Old.

How The Dinosaurs Died The Dinosaurs Died Out Suddenly Because 65 Million Years Ago A 6-Mile-Diameter Meteorite Hit The Yucatan Peninsula Of Mexico.

The Length Of The Dinosaur The Length Of The Skeleton Of The Largest Dinosaur Discovered Is 89 Feet, It Was Found In The City Of Wyoming In America And The Smallest Has Been Found 4 Inches.

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