Why was Shweta Kawatra ready for suicide?

Do You Remember Actress Shweta Kawatra, Who Became Famous As Pallavi'S Character In The Tv Serial Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki? 25 Apr 2023 Shilpi Singh

After Marriage And Then Becoming A Mother, Shweta Took A Break From Her Acting Career For Some Time.

Shweta Told That She Got Depression After Pregnancy And Then She Came To Know The Importance Of Mental Health.

Shweta Kawatra Told That I Used To Get Angry Without Any Reason, I Was Completely Helpless At That Time.

I Used To Have Suicidal Thoughts, That Situation Was Such That I Could Not See Any Ray Of Hope.

Shweta Said That Before Postpartum Depression, She Did Not See Life From That Point Of View.

Shweta Said That During This Time Her Husband And Family Were With Her But The Time Was Very Difficult.

Shweta Is Now Also A Counselor And Wants To Pursue Further Studies In This Direction And Make It Her Profession.

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