Which country has the most gold? India has so much gold

7 May 2023 By Business Team Which Country Has The Most Gold India Has So Much Gold

Gold Prices Have Been On The Rise For The Last Few Months, Amid Fears Of A Recession, The Price Of Gold Has Risen.

Gold Is Called The Companion Of Crisis, That Is Why Almost All The Countries Of The World Store Gold.

The Central Bank Of Every Country Stores Gold And It Is Used As A Hedge Fund.

World And Statistics Has Released The List Of Gold Reserves Of Countries Around The World On Twitter.

According To Statistics, America Has The Largest Gold Reserves In The World, It Has 8133 Metric Tons Of Gold Reserves.

Germany Has The Largest Gold Reserve After America, It Has 3355 Metric Tonnes Of Gold Reserve.

Italy Is Third With 2452 Mt Gold Reserve And France Is Fourth With 2299 Mt Gold Reserve.

China Has 2011 Tonnes Of Gold Reserves, Switzerland Has 1040 Tonnes And Japan Has 846 Tonnes Of Gold Reserves.

India Is At The Ninth Place In This List. India Has 787 Tonnes Of Gold Reserve. This Quantity Of Gold Reserve Keeps On Fluctuating.

India Is Followed By Netherlands, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Uk, Spain, Poland, Singapore, Brazil, Sweden In This List.

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