When Govinda became rich overnight, house full of money

16 April 2023 Pc Instagram When Govinda Became Rich Overnight, House Full Of Money, Said Hundred Trucks

Everyone Is Aware Of How Big A Superstar Govinda Was In The 90S, After His Debut, He Had A Line Of Films Pic Credit Getty Images What To Do With So Much Money

Govinda Signed Fast Films, In Return For Which He Got A Lot Of Money, The Actor Became Very Rich Overnight Pic Credit Getty Images

Govinda Had Told In A Chat Show That We Had Spent Our Entire Childhood In Poverty, We Were Not Used To Having So Much Money Pic Credit Getty Images

One Night I Called My Brother And Locked The Room From Inside Then I Showed Him The Money And All The Bank Accounts Pic Credit Getty Images

I Asked Brother That We Have So Much Money. We All Were Very Happy To See But Then Thought What To Do With All This We All Had No Idea Pic Credit Getty Images

The First Idea That Came To Govinda Was To Buy An Auto, He Told His Brother Pappu, Let'S Buy 100 Autorickshaws But His Brother Refused Saying That This Is Not Our Type Of Business Pic Credit Getty Images

After Some Time Govinda Became A Superstar, Even Then Everyone Thought What To Do With So Much Money, The Actor'S Brother Said Because From The Beginning We Just Wanted To Rise Above Poverty Pic Credit Getty Images

So I Did Not Ask Govinda To Refuse Any Film, We Signed About 70 Films But Later Many Films Had To Be Refused Because There Was No Time Left Pic Credit Getty Images