What are ocean currents? Learn

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Ocean Currents The Continuous Movement Of Sea Water In A Predictable Definite Direction Is Called Ocean Currents. Ocean Water Flows In Two Directions Horizontal And Vertical.

Two Types Of Currents There Are Two Types Of Ocean Currents. One Is Warm Currents And The Other Is Cold Currents.

Characteristics Ocean Currents Are Characterized By The Fact That In Areas Of Pronounced Monsoon Influence, Monsoon Winds Influence The Currents.

Effects Ocean Currents Affect The Climatic Conditions Of The Regions In Which They Flow.

Fog Is A Danger To Ships Due To The Mixing Of Warm Currents With Cold Currents.

Hurricanes Are The Result Of Ocean Currents Sometimes Meeting Warm And Cold Currents That Can Result In Violent Storms.

Ocean Life Ocean Currents Are Very Important For Ocean Life. They Are The Main Source Of Food For Marine Animals.

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