Unheard stories related to the life of Albert Einstein

Unheard Stories Related To The Life Of Albert Einstein By Prakhar Pandey 20230314 1728 Ist Jagranjoshcom

Scientist, Let'S Know Some Such Unheard Stories Related To The Life Of Albert Einstein, Which You Too Would Be Unaware Of Till Now.

Albert Einstein Albert Einstein Was Born On 14 March 1879 In A Small Town Named Ulm. Ulm Is A City Located In Germany. People Also Celebrate This Day By The Name Of Genius Day.

Jewish Family Albert Einstein Was Born In A Jewish Family In Germany, His Brain Is Much Better Than Normal Children.

After Albert'S Death, His Brain Was Removed Without The Permission Of His Family, Which Was Tested By Many Scientists And Found That It Contained More Cells Than A Normal Human.

Divorce Einstein Was Divorced From His Wife, Due To Which He Was Busy. When Einstein Got The Nobel Prize, He Gave The Prize Money To His Wife After The Divorce.

A Cigar Enthusiast, Einstein Used To Attribute His Sharp Mind To His Cigar Smoking Habit. The Scientist Loved To Smoke Cigars.

Favorite Scientist Einstein'S Favorite Scientist Was Galileo Galilei. Albert Einstein Was Born The Year Galileo Died.

Why Did Albert Get The Nobel Prize He Got The Nobel Prize For The Discovery Of Photoelectric Effect And Not For The Theory Of Relativity.

Facts Einstein Used To Write With Both Hands Although Mostly He Used To Write With His Right Hand. Einstein Was A Citizen Of Three Countries Germany Switzerland And America.

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