This setting is amazing, two Whatsapp accounts will run in one phone, know the method

This Setting Is Amazing, Two Whatsapp Accounts Will Run In One Phone, Know The Method. This Setting Is Amazing, Two Whatsapp Accounts Will Run In One Phone, Know The Method By Aajtakin

Whatsapp Is The Most Used Instant Messaging Platform In The World Many People Have Two Accounts Of Whatsapp But You Can Use Them In Same Phone Have Two Whatsapp Account Have Two Whatsapp Account

You Do Not Need Two Smartphones For This, In Many Smartphones Including Realme Samsung, You Get The Option Of Clone Or Dual App, Many Phones Have The Feature, Many Phones Have The Feature

With The Help Of This, You Can Clone Any App, In The Setting Of Most Of The Smartphones, You Get The Option Of Clone App, Where Will You Get The Option, Where Will You Get The Option

The Special Thing About These Clone Apps Is That Even Though They Are Clones, They Work Like The Main App. You Get This Facility Not Only For Whatsapp But For Many Other Apps. What'S Special What'S Special

If You Want, You Can Also Create A Dual App For Facebook, If You Do Not Get The Option Of Dual App Or Clone App In Your Phone, Then You Will Have To Resort To Third Party Apps. What To Do If The Feature Is Not There?

Android Users Have To Go To Google Play Store And Install Parallel App – Dual App Cloner, You Have To Give It Some Basic Permissions, You Have To Download The App, You Have To Download The App

This App Will Ask For Notification Phone Storage And Other Permissions, Now You Have To Tap On The Button, Here You Will Get The Option Of Some Apps, In Which You Will Have To Click On Whatsapp, Will Give Permission, Will Give Permission.

Immediately After This A Duplicate Of Whatsapp Will Be Created Here You Can Setup Your New Account Keep In Mind That Your Cloned Whatsapp Account Will Appear In Parallel App Will Be Created Duplicate Will Be Created Duplicate

Although This Is A Third Party App, So While Downloading It, You Have To Keep In Mind That It Will Collect Some Information, So Download It At Your Own Risk, Keep This In Mind

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