This electric car runs on 3 wheels even when the tire bursts! 700Km Range

This Car Runs On 3 Wheels Even When The Tire Bursts, 700Km Range By Aajtak Auto

China'S Leading Automobile Manufacturer Build Your Dream Byd Has Introduced A Unique Electric Car.

Along With Introducing This Car, The Company Has Also Displayed A Tremendous Technology.

The Company Has Named This Technology As Disusx Advance Suspension System.

The Special Thing About This Car Is That It Will Run Bouncing On The Road And Is Also Adept At Running On Only Three Wheels.

When Byd Introduced The Yangwang U9 Electric Car On Stage, She Appeared In Front Of The Media While Bouncing.

Not Only This, This Car Was Also Shown Driving Only On Three Wheels, The Front Ride Side Of The Car Was Not Fitted With A Wheel And The Car Was Running Very Comfortably.

Dissax Suspension System Includes An Intelligent Damping Body Control System An Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System And Intelligent Air Body Control System

If The Front Wheel Of The Car Gets Damaged Or Even The Tire Bursts, Then This Suspension System Raises The Car Slightly In Front So That The Brake Rotors Do Not Touch The Road.