These words will be included in the child's habit, then he will become polite and decent.

These Words Will Be Included In The Child'S Habit, Then He Will Become Polite And Civilized By Priyanka Pal 20230419 1211 Ist Jagranjoshcom

Teach Children Good Habits Parents Can Teach Their Children To Speak Some Ideal Words From The Very Beginning I.E. From The Beginning Of Their Speaking, Know How

Thank You Thank You If The Child'S Wish Is Fulfilled Or If Someone Else Has Helped Him In Any Work, Then Definitely Teach Him To Thank.

Saying Please, Please Teach Him The Basic Ideals To Make Him Civilized Right In His Childhood. You Can Teach Him To Say Please When Requesting Or Asking For Help.

To Explain The Meaning Of The Words Sorry To The Child, Tell Him That He Should Always Say Sorry When He Makes A Mistake.

No Thank No Thank You If Someone Wants To Help You But You Do Not Want To Take It, Then You Can Make Your Child Practice Saying No Thank You With Love.

May I May I Please If The Child Is Trying To Say Something To You During Your Talk, Then You Can Teach Him To Speak May I So That He Can Understand The Use Of Words In The Right Place.

Yes Please Yes Please For Others To Learn From Your Child, For This You Can Teach Your Child To Say Yes Please Lovingly On Asking Permission.

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