These five poetry on alcohol will make you wonderful

These Five Poetry On Alcohol Will Make You Wonderful

Many Poets And Poets Have Given Place To Wine, Liquor And Taverns In Their Writings.

Many A Times Youths Are Seen Repeating The Poetry Of Great Poets Written On Alcohol In Parties.

But You Will Enjoy Reading Poetry Written By Five Different Poets On Alcohol.

Let Me Drink Alcohol While Sitting In The Mosque Or Tell Me The Place Where There Is No God. Mirza Ghalib Photo Wikipedia

Masjid Is The House Of God, Not A Place To Drink. Go To The Heart Of An Infidel, There Is No God There. Iqbal Photo Wikipedia

I Have Come From The Heart Of An Infidel, Seeing That God Is Present There, But He Does Not Know. Ahmed Faraz Photo Wikipedia

God Is Present Everywhere In The World, You Go To Heaven, Drinking Is Not Forbidden There. Syed Wasi Shah Photo Rekhta

I Drink To Forget The Sorrows Of The World, What Sorrow Is There In Heaven, So There Is No Pleasure In Drinking There. Saki Photo Wikipedia

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