These brands of Kangal Pak are in demand in the world... You must be using them too!

9 May 2023 By Business Team You Must Be Using These Brands Of Kangal Pak In Demand In The World

The Economic Crisis In Pakistan Is Deepening And The Shehbaz Sharif Government Has Succumbed To It.

The Inflation Rate In The Country Has Reached 364 Percent, Which Is The Highest In Asia.

Even Though Today The People Of The Country Are On The Verge Of Bankruptcy, They Are Craving For Bread, But Many Brands Here Are Popular In The World.

We Are Telling About Some Such Big Pakistani Brands, One Of These Products Will Definitely Be In Your Kitchen.

Its Name Is Rooh Afza Rooh Afza Which Is Produced In Pak And It Is In Demand In The World Including India

The Business Of Rooh Afza Brand Is In About 33 Countries Of The World, Similarly Many Pakistani Products Are Big Names In Many Countries Including Usuk.

Apart From This, Barbq Tonight Is Recognized In Many Countries Of The World For Delicious Pakistani Dishes.

Barbq'S Branch Is In Dubai, Oman, Malaysia To Singapore, Its Red Fort Restaurant Chain Is Very Famous.

Pakistan'S Carbonated Drink Brand Pakola Is Preferred In America Africa Australia Canada And Uk

Started In 1969 From Just A Small Stall, Student Biryani Has Become A Global Brand Today And Business Has Spread In Many Countries.

The Next Number In This List Comes From Khadi Brand, Its Showrooms Are In Uae, America, Uk, Australia And Canada.

Pakistan'S Fashion Brand Junaid Jamshed Is Also Very Famous And This Brand Is Available In Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada And America.

In Terms Of Fashion, Aamir Adnan Chen One And Gul Ahmed Brands Are Also Famous In The World And Have Become The Identity Of Pakistan In Many Countries.

Apart From This, Markhor Footwear Brand Started In The Name Of Wild Goat Is Also Sold And Liked In Many Countries.

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