These are the 10 biggest mafia of Bihar

Bahubali Of Bihar Politics

Mafia Anant Singh Is A Resident Of Mokama, Patna. Anant Singh Has Been Sentenced To 10 Years In The Ak 47 Case.

Anand Mohan Has Been Sentenced To Life Imprisonment In Dm G Krishnaiah Murder Case, He Has Been Mp For 5 Times.

Surajbhan Singh Has 25 To 30 Cases Of Robbery, Murder And Kidnapping Registered. Surajbhan Has Also Been An Mla And Mp.

Rjd Leader Ritlal Yadav Has 14 Cases Of Extortion And Murder Registered, He Has Been An Mlc

Mafia Pappu Yadav, A 5-Time Mp, Has 31 Cases Registered Against Him Like Murder, Kidnapping, Assault. He Was Sentenced To Life Imprisonment In The Murder Case, But Was Later Acquitted.

Mafia Prabhunath Singh Is Serving Life Sentence In Mla Murder Case, He Has Also Been Mla And Mp.

Rajballabh Yadav Is Serving A Sentence In A Rape Case With A Minor, He Has Been An Mla

Rama Singh Has Serious Allegations Like Kidnapping And Murder, He Has Also Been Found Guilty In Many Cases, He Has Also Been An Mp From Ljp.

Munna Shukla Has 13 Cases Like Extortion And Murder. He Became An Mla After Winning The Independent Election.

Sunil Pandey Has More Than 50 Cases Registered Against Him. This Person, A Resident Of Rohtas, Has Also Been An Mla.