These 5 mistakes drowned Anil Ambani, once top

23 April 2023 By Business Team These 5 Mistakes Drowned Anil Ambani, Who Was Once Among The Top 10 Rich

Reliance Group Was Founded By Dhirubhai Ambani In The Year 1958, Today Both His Sons Are Handling The Business.

After The Death Of Dhirubhai Ambani In 2002, The Business Of Reliance Industries Was Divided Between Mukesh And Anil Ambani.

Mukesh Ambani Got The Business Of Petrochemical Textile And Refinery, While Anil Got The Business Of Telecom Finance And Energy.

At The Time Of Partition, Anil Ambani'S Position Was Considered Strong Because He Had A New-Age Business.

Even After Getting New Age Business, They Could Not Do Anything Special And Today Their Companies Are Facing Bankruptcy.

Anil Ambani Had A Business Of Telecom Power And Energy, Which Was Believed To Be A Guarantee Of Success In The New Era.

Anil Ambani Hastened To Take The Business Forward Without Proper Planning, He Kept Investing Money In New Projects One After The Other Without Preparation.

At That Time, In The New Projects In Which Anil Ambani Was Betting To Become The King Of The Telecom Sector, The Cost Was Coming More Than Expected.