The wonder of the old man of Bangalore

Amazing Old Man From Bangalore Completed Phd At The Age Of 79 By Priyanka Pal 20230320 1709 Ist Jagranjoshcom

Prabhakar Kuppahalli, A Resident Of Bangalore, Has Obtained His Phd Degree From Mangalore University At The Age Of 70.

Phd In Which Subject? At The 41St Annual Convocation Ceremony Of Mangalore University, 79-Year-Old Prabhakar Was Awarded Phd Degree In Materials Science.

Prabhakar Makes His Dream Come True Prabhakar Kuppahalli Explains That He Planned To Complete His Phd When He Was Working In The Early Days Of His Career.

Phd After Five Years Due To Some Problems, He Did Not Do Phd First, When He Was 75, He Decided To Get Phd Degree.

Has Also Done Phd In Material Science Prabhakar Kuppahalli Took Admission For Phd In Material Science In 2017 And Finally Fulfilled His Dream After Five Years.

Studied In America Prabhakar Was Born On March 1, 1944, He Obtained Engineering Degree From Iisc Bangalore In 1966, Years Ago He Also Worked In Iit Bombay And Later Went To America.

Worked In The Us For 15 Years Prabhakar Earned His Master'S Degree From The University Of Pittsburgh In 1976. He Also Worked In The Us For 15 Years Before Returning To India.

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