The father of the actress did not feel ashamed, became a support in the daughter's first periods

25 April 2023 Pc Instagram Actress'S Father Didn'T Feel Ashamed, He Made Guide For Daughter'S First Periods

Sumbul Is Close To Father Says Mother Is Her Daughter'S Best Friend Daughters Share Things Only With Mother But Sumbul Could Not Feel Mother'S Love Closely Pic Credit Getty Images

Sumbul'S Mother Left The Family And The Actress'S Father Single-Handedly Took Care Of Her And Her Sister Pic Credit Getty Images

Sumbul Told That His Father Used To Take Care Of Both The Daughters And Also Used To Handle His Work Pic Credit Getty Images

When Sumbul Got Her First Period, Her Father Helped Her Without Any Shame Pic Credit Getty Images

In An Interview Given To Etimes, Sumbul Told That Since The Age Of 6, His Father Is Always With Him Like A Shadow Pic Credit Getty Images

Sumbul Further Said That My Mother Is Not With Me Since Childhood, I Have Always Been With My Father, I Have Never Got Any Other Support Or Guidance Pic Credit Getty Images

My Father Was With Me The First Time I Got My Period, There Was No One To Guide Me Pic Credit Getty Images

I Told My Father Only And He Helped Me, I Never Felt Uncomfortable About It, My Father Also Never Felt Uncomfortable Pic Credit Getty Images