Such has been the life of King Charles

The Photo Is From King Charles

King Charles Iii Is The First British Monarch Who First Had A Civil Marriage And Then Took A Civil Divorce Photo Credit Afp

In 1981 Charles, Then Prince Of Wales, Married Lady Diana Spencer In A Fairytale Wedding That Was Watched By 750 Million People Worldwide But They Divorced In 1996 Photo Credit Afp

Charles Later Married His Long-Time Girlfriend Camilla Parker-Bowles In A Civil Ceremony In 2005 Photo Credit Afp

Charles And Camilla'S Extramarital Affair Prevented Them From Remarrying In Church Queen Elizabeth Ii Refused To Attend The Wedding Photo Credit Afp

Charles'S Ascension To The Throne Is Not Only Politically Significant But Also Holds Religious Significance. Charles Is The "Keeper Of The Faith And Supreme Governor" Photo Credit Afp

Charles Had To Get His Mother'S Permission To Marry Camilla The Royal Marriages Act 1772 Stipulated That All Descendants Of King George Ii Had To Seek The Crown'S Consent To Marry Photo Credit Afp

This Law Was Canceled In 2013 And It Was Decided That Only The First Six People In The Line Of Succession Would Now Need Permission To Marry Photo Credit Afp

Charles And Camilla'S Civil Marriage Was Symbolic Of Society'S Changing Values, As Attitudes To Marriage Changed From A Moral Commitment To A Celebration Of Union Photo Credit Afp