Such a special fish found in Bhopal, which is being discussed everywhere

Such A Special Fish Found In Bhopal Which Is Being Discussed Everywhere By Aajtakin 21 April 2023

A Fish Has Become The Reason For Discussion In Bhopal, The Capital Of Madhya Pradesh. Young Man Anas Told That He Was Fishing In A Big Pond On The Banks Of Khanugaon, When Such A Fish Got Stuck Which Was Very Different.

It Is Being Claimed About This Fish That This Bhopal Is Not Found Anywhere In The Whole Country. The Mouth Of The Fish Is Like A Crocodile, While Its Torso Is Like A Fish.

The Name Of This Fish Is Alligator Gar And It Is Found In American Countries. Videos And Photos Of Fish Are Becoming Increasingly Viral On Social Media, People Are Commenting How It Came Here.

This Fish Is Completely Different From Other Fish, Its Mouth Is Like A Crocodile And Sharp Teeth Are Like A Man-Eating Crocodile, It Is Being Said That It Can Attack Humans Too.

Earlier, The Sucker Mouth Catfish Found In The Amazon River Of South America Was Found In The Ganges Of Varanasi, It Was Identified By Fish Scientists Of Bhu.

Bhu Scientists Had Expressed Concern About This Suckermouth Catfish And Said That This Fish Is Carnivorous And Also A Threat To Its Ecosystem.

Now The Question Arises That How Did The Suckermouth Catfish Found Thousands Of Kilometers Away In The Amazon River Of South America Reach The Ganges River?