Salman's sister gained weight, trolled for dark complexion, husband Ayush came in support

25 April 2023 Source Instagram Salman'S Sister Trolled For Dark Complexion, Husband Ayush Came In Support

Aayush In Support Of Wife Salman Khan'S Sister Arpita Khan Is Often Trolled For Her Dark Skin And Being Overweight

Arpita May Not Say Anything About Trolls, But Her Husband Aayush Sharma Has Reprimanded The Haters While Supporting His Wife.

Talking About His Wife On Tedx Platform, Aayush Said That Arpita Is Targeted A Lot Because Of Being A Public Figure.

Whenever She Uploads A Photo On The Internet, She Is Mocked For Being Dark Skinned And Overweight.

Ayush Says My Wife Is Always Taunted For Being Overweight. People Think She Is A Celebrity So She Doesn'T Have The Right To Be Fat.

She Said People Think Why Her Complexion Is Dark. Arpita Should Wear Designer Clothes Like A Celebrity. Whenever She Shares A Picture, People Remind Her Of Dark Skin.

Ayush Said That In Today'S World There Is No Importance Of Inner Beauty, No One Wants To Know How Good A Person You Are, People Just Want To See The Outer Beauty.

The Actor Says I Am Proud Of My Wife. She Never Let Trolls Dominate Her. She Is Comfortable With Herself. Arpita Lives Life On Her Own Terms.