Ramanujan was the magician of mathematics

Ramanujan Was The Magician Of Mathematics

Photo Courtesy Twitter Srinivasa Ramanujan Is Counted Among The Great Mathematicians Of The World. Ramanujan Was A Genius In Mathematics Since Childhood.

Being A Student Of 7Th Himself, He Used To Teach Maths To Graduation Students, He Solved Many Problems Of Maths In His Short Life.

Gave 3900 Theorems To The World, He Said Goodbye To The World On 26 April 1920 At The Age Of Only 32.

Srinivasa Ramanujan Was Born On 22 December 1887 In Erode City Of Tamil Nadu Photo Courtesy Twitter

He Grew Up In A Small House In Kumbakonam That Is Now A Museum In His Honor Photo Courtesy Twitter

Ramanujan Was Fond Of Asking Questions Since Childhood And Sometimes He Used To Ask Such Questions That The Teachers' Minds Were Baffled Photo Courtesy Twitter

Since Childhood, Ramanujan Had A Special Attachment To Mathematics, Which Was The Reason That He Had Memorized Advanced Trigonometry At The Age Of 12. Ramanujan'S First Research Paper Was Published In 1911 Photo Courtesy Twitter

Professor Gh Hardy Called Him To London. Hardy Made A Scale From 0 To 100 Points To Test The Ability Of Mathematicians. In This Test, Hardy Gave Himself 25 Points Photo Courtesy Twitter

Great Mathematician Davis Gilbert Got 80 And Ramanujan Got 100 So Hardy Called Ramanujan The Greatest Mathematician Of The World Photo Courtesy Twitter

In London, He Published More Than 20 Research Papers Together With Hardy, Which Recognized His Talent In The World Of Mathematics Photo Courtesy Twitter