फैशन में भी Queen थीं Elizabeth Ii, देखें आइकॉनिक वॉर्डरोब

By Monika Gupta Published September 09 2022 Live Hindustan Fashion फैशन में भी Queen थीं Elizabeth Ii देखें आइकॉनिक वॉर्डरोब

Britain'S Queen Elizabeth Ii Died On Thursday At The Age Of 96. There Is A Wave Of Mourning Across The World Due To His Demise. Elizabeth Ii Instagram Theroyalfamily

Elizabeth Ii Was In Discussion About Everything. Everything From Her Lifestyle To Fashion Was A Part Of The Limelight. Limelight Instagram Theroyalfamily

Everyone Aspires To Follow The Classy Wardrobe Of The Queen. And Yes, Why Not, Her Fashion Statement Was Amazing. Classy Wardrobe Instagram Theroyalfamily

The Queen Loved Flower Print Dresses. She Was Often Spotted In Flower Printed Outfits. Flower Print Instagram Theroyalfamily

Queen Used To Carry Matching Hat With Her Outfits. She Loved To Decorate Her Hat With Flower Accessories. Hat Instagram Theroyalfamily

Elizabeth Ii Used To Complement Her Look With A Diamond Brooch. Each Dress Had A Different Design Brooch Spot. Brooch Instagram Theroyalfamily

Seeing The Pictures Of The Queen, It Is Clear That She Also Loved Pearl Jewellery. She Also Wore A Garland Made Of Pearls. Pearl Instagram Theroyalfamily

The Queen Loved Subtle Colours. She Was Seen Wearing Sky Blue Green Pink Brown Yellow Color Dresses. Bright Color Instagram Theroyalfamily Instagram Theroyalfamily