Punjab police arrested fugitive Amritpal Singh

Fugitive Amritpal Singh Arrested By Punjab Police By Aajtakin 23 April 2023

Punjab'S Moga Police Has Arrested Amritpal From Rodewal Gurdwara, The Police Have Already Arrested His Associates And Sent Them To Dibrugarh Jail In Assam.

Earlier It Was Said That Amritpal Singh Had Surrendered In Front Of Moga Police Late Night But Later Punjab Police Said That Amritpal Has Been Arrested.

Amritpal Has Been Caught From Moga'S Rodewal Gurdwara Where He Has Been Taken By The Police To Amritsar And From There He Will Be Directly Sent To Dibrugarh Jail In Assam

Earlier, The Punjab And Haryana High Court Had Also Reprimanded The Punjab Police As To How The Police Could Not Reach Amritpal When His Accomplices Were Caught.

Amritpal Also Released Videos Several Times Through Social Media Saying That He Would Surrender On The Occasion Of Baisakhi But He Did Not Surrender. Punjab Police Conducted Operations Till Nepal Border Across The Country.

Earlier, The Punjab Police Had Arrested Pappalpreet, A Close Aide Of Amritpal, From Amritsar. He Had Given A Statement To The Punjab Police That He Did Not Know About Amritpal.

Amritpal First Came Into The Limelight On February 23, When He Attacked Ajnala Police Station With Thousands Of Supporters To Free His Close Friend, 6 Policemen Were Injured In This Attack.

Amritpal Is The Chief Of Waris Punjab De Organization He Is Demanding Separate Country Khalistan He Has Returned From Dubai Waris Punjab De Organization Was Formed By Punjabi Actor Deep Sidhu