Pm Modi To Focus On Trade And Geopolitics At Sco Summit

Pm Modi To Focus On Trade And Geopolitics At Sco Summit Et Online Sep 16 2022

Council Of Heads Of State Vladimir Putin And Pm Modi Among Others All Set To Attend The Two-Day Meeting Of The Council Of Heads Of State Of The Sco. Image Source: Twitter

First In-Person Summit This Is The First In-Person Summit Of The Bloc In 2 Years And Will Allow Them To Host Talks On Pressing Global And Regional Issues. Image Source: Twitter

Shavkat Mirziyoyev Uzbekistan’S President Shavkat Mirziyoyev Outlined The Priorities To Ensure Peace And Stability In The Region. Image Source: Twitter

Bilateral Talks President Vladimir Putin And Pm Narendra Modi Will Be Holding Bilateral Talks On The Sidelines Of The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Image Source: Twitter

Important For India The Summit Is Of Particular Importance For India As It Will Also Be Holding The G20 And Sco Presidencies Next Year. Image Source: Twitter

Xi Jingping This Will Also Be The First Time That Pm Modi And Xi Jingping Come Face To Face Since The Start Of The Military Standoff In Ladakh In 2020. Image Source: Twitter

Exchange Of Views Pm Narendra Modi Left For Samarkand On Thursday And Tweeted Saying It Will See The Exchange Of Views On A Range Of Issues. Image Source: Twitter

Two Sessions The Sco Summit Will Have Two Sessions - One Restricted Session Meant Only For Member States And An Extended Session With Observers And Special Invitees. Image Source: Twitter