Password will not be required for login? Google launched amazing feature

Password Will Not Be Required For Login Google Has Launched Amazing Feature Google Will Not Need Password For Login Launched Amazing Feature By Aajtakin

Remembering Passwords Can Be Difficult At Times, That Too When You Have To Use Different Passwords For Different Logins Passwordless Future Passwordless Future

Google Has A Solution For Your Problem Google Passkey Feature Is Rolling Out Now Although This Feature Was Already Present For Some Services Google Has A Solution Google Has A Solution

You Could Use Passkey On Chrome, But This Facility Was Given To Limited People, Now The Company Has Made This Feature Live For All Users.

That Is, You Can Use It On Smartphone Max Windows Pc And Other Platforms As Well, This Feature Is Very Much Like Apple Keychain, On Which Devices It Will Work, On Which Devices It Will Work

With The Help Of This Feature, You Will Not Need A Password To Login To Google Accounts, But You Will Be Able To Login With The Help Of Face Lock Or Fingerprint Id.

To Create A Passkey, You Have To Go To The Website, Here You Have To Login With Your Google Account, How To Create, How To Create

On The Next Page, You Will Get A List Of Automatically Created Passkeys And Devices, From Here You Will Have To Click On The Use Passkey Button, You Will Get The Option

Here You Will See A Popup On Which It Will Be Written Create A Passkey For Your Google Account, Now You Have To Click On Continue What To Do

After This You Will Have To Complete Biometrics Authentication. After Completion Of The Process, You Will Be Able To Use This Passkey Instead Of The Password.

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