No your health insurance claim will be cancelled, just don't make these mistakes

6 May 2023 By Business Team Health Insurance Claim Will Not Be Cancelled, Just Don'T Make These Mistakes

Your Health Insurance Claim May Get Rejected Due To Several Basic Reasons

Most Health Insurance Plans Are For A Fixed Period Of Time And Need To Be Renewed Every Year.

Sometimes Policyholders Do Not Realize That Their Contract Has Come To An End

When Their Claim Is Rejected, Then They Come To Know About It, So It Is Necessary To Renew The Insurance On Time.

The Insurance Company Is Not Liable To Pay The Claim If Your Policy Has Lapsed

It Is Necessary To Tell About The Pre-Existing Diseases In The Insurance Policy, This Will Not Reject Your Health Insurance Claim.

If The Policyholder Makes A Claim For An Ailment Which He/She Has Not Disclosed At The Outset, The Claim May Be Rejected

There Is A Fixed Time Limit For Making Claims In Insurance Policies, Within Which Insurance Claims Have To Be Made.

Generally The Policy Claim Has To Be Made During The Period Of 6090 Days After Which The Claim May Be Rejected

Policyholder Is Advised To Choose A Preferred Network Hospital For Treatment For Easy Claim Settlement

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