Motivational Quotes From Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Motivational Quotes From Shaheed Bhagat Singh By Priyanka Pal 2023-03-23 18:06 Ist Jagranjosh.Com

Ideas - They May Kill Me But They Cannot Kill My Ideas They Crush My Body But They Will Not Be Able To Crush My Spirit.

Philosophy - Philosophy Is The Outcome Of Human Weakness Or Limitation Of Knowledge.

About Labor - Labor Is The Real Sustainer Of Society.

Freedom - Revolution Is An Inalienable Right Of Mankind Freedom Is An Imperishable Birth Right Of All.

Revolution - Bombs And Pistols Do Not Make A Revolution The Sword Of Revolution Is Sharpened On The Whetting Stone Of Ideas.

Progress - Any Man Who Stands For Progress Has To Criticise Disbelieve And Challenge Every Item Of The Old Faith.

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