Memorizing Math Formulas With Few Smart Tricks

Memorizing Math Formulas With Few Smart Tricks By Priyanka Pal 2023-03-20 17:52 Ist Jagranjosh.Com

Develop Interest In Subject - A Lack Of Interest Towards It Will Leave You Disinterested And Not To Push You To Work Hard.

Use Visual Memory - When You Connect Concepts To A Visual Memory It Becomes Easier To Remember Them.

Know The Process - It Is Very Important To Know The Process Behind The Certain Formula As It Is Very Helpful To Memorise The Formulas.

Practice - Try Solving And Practicing Problems Using The Formula And You Will See Results! Repetition Leads To Memorization.

Write Down Maths Formula - Writing Maths Formulas Again And Again Can Help You To Remember For Longer As Our Brain Tends To Remember What We Write Repeatedly.

Recall All Formula - When You Think Of That Formula And Go To Sleep Your Brain Has Better Chances Of Remembering It.

Away From Distractions - Give Undivided Attention To Everything You Want To Learn And You Will Be Able To Learn Faster.

Write Formulas On Your Wall - This Trick Will Help You To Memorise By Seeing Those Formulas Repeatedly On The Wall And It Will Slowly Go To Your Brain.

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