Know which animals can lead to jail?

Know Which Animals Can Lead To Jail By Priyanka Pal 20230330 1918 Ist Jagranjoshcom

Know Which Animals Are Banned For Keeping. You Must Have Seen People Keeping Many Types Of Animals. In Foreign Countries, Even Dangerous Animals Are Kept As Pets.

There Is A Ban On Rearing Stork. A Case Can Be Registered Under Section 29, 29, 51 And Section 52 For Violating The Animal Protection Act, 1972.

It Is Illegal To Keep Monkeys, Many People Keep Monkeys As Pets And Use Them In Circuses Etc. The Law Says That It Is Illegal To Make Monkeys Perform Or Keep Them In Captivity.

There Is A Ban On The Rearing Of Parrots. There Is A Ban On The Rearing Of Native Parrots. To Keep Foreign Birds, Registration Has To Be Done.

Peacock Keeping Is Illegal, If Peacock Is Found In Your House Then You May Have To Free The Peacock Under Wildlife Protection 1972.

Penalty For Rearing A Turtle Bringing A Turtle Home Can Be Expensive, The Forest Department Can Also Charge You A Fine Of Up To Rs 5000 For This.

Zoo Rule Teasing, Feeding Or Harassing Animals In The Zoo And Its Premises Is A Punishable Offense Under The Pca, The Person Who Does So Can Be Sentenced To Three Years With A Fine Of Rs 25,000 Or Both.

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