Know how many layers of the atmosphere are there

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Atmosphere Today We Will Talk About The Layers Of The Atmosphere, Let Us Know How Many Layers Are There In The Atmosphere.

Layers The Atmosphere Has Many Different Layers. Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere And Thermosphere Are Their Layers.

Troposphere Troposphere, Which We Also Call The Troposphere, Is The First Layer Of The Atmosphere And All Kinds Of Weather Changes Occur In It. The Thickness Of The Troposphere Increases In Summer.

The Stratosphere, The Second Layer Of The Atmosphere, Extends Up To About 50° From The Stratosphere. The End Of The Stratosphere Is Also Called The Stratopause. The Temperature Starts Falling In This Circle.

The Mesosphere Is Above The Mesosphere I.E. The Mesosphere Stratosphere, The Mesosphere Extends Up To A Height Of 80 Kilometers. Here Again The Temperature Dips As Low As Minus 90 Degree Celsius.

Thermosphere The Outer Atmosphere Is Located Just Above The Mesosphere, The Length Of This Layer Is About 640 Kilometers. The Temperature Of This Sphere Reaches Up To 1480 Degrees. Which Is Very Hot.

Ionosphere Ionosphere Helps In Long Distance Communication. The Hot Temperature Of This Layer Burns All The Debris Coming Towards The Earth.

Exosphere This Layer Is Located Just Above The Ionosphere. The Exosphere Contains Only Traces Of Gases Such As Oxygen, Helium, Argon And Nitrogen. The Temperature In This Layer Is Up To 300-1650 Degree Celsius.

Atmospheric Pressure The Pressure Inside The Earth'S Atmosphere Is Called Atmospheric Pressure Or Atmospheric Pressure.

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