Know how important first impression is for any meeting or interview

Know How Important First Impression Is For Any Meeting Or Interview By Priyanka Pal 20230405 0858 Ist Jagranjoshcom

First Impression When We Meet Someone We Have Never Met Before, They Don'T Know Anything About Us, Know How To Make The Right Impression.

Know About The Place Where You Are Going, On This Basis Your Decision Will Be That What You Can Wear, In Which Language To Talk And What Will Be The Purpose Of The Overall Meeting.

Prepare In Advance If You'Re Attending A Networking Event, Prepare An Elevator Pitch And Bring Business Cards With You.

How To Dress Appropriate Attire Can Play A Big Role In Making A Positive First Impression.

Arrive On Time Being Punctual Is A Sign Of Respect And Professionalism Make Sure You Arrive On Time Or A Few Minutes Early.

Maintain Eye Contact When Talking To Others It Is Important To Make Eye Contact And Smile When You Meet Someone For The First Time.

Listen Carefully When You'Re Meeting Someone For The First Time, It'S Important To Actively Listen To What They Have To Say.

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