Kl Rahul flopped in IPL, Sunil Shetty came out in support of son-in-law, lashed out at haters

29 April 2023 Pc Instagram Ipl Flop Kl Rahul Son In Law Sunil Shetty Came Out In Support Of Haters

Sunil Shetty In Support Of Son-In-Law Sunil Shetty Treats His Son-In-Law Kl Rahul Like His Own Son Sunil Shetty Is Very Protective Of Kl Rahul Too Pic Credit Getty Images

Kl Rahul Has Been Trolled For Some Time For His Poor Performance On The Cricket Field, Sunil Shetty Has Come Forward To Defend His Son-In-Law.

In A Conversation With Ht, Sunil Shetty Said That I Have Been Trolled In My Life, I Have Always Been Called A Bad Actor.

We Are In This Field Of Our Own Free Will We Know Where We Are Going What Can I Tell Them

They Play For The Country, Playing For The Country And Getting Selected For It Is A Great Honor In Itself.

Sunil Shetty Further Said That This Happens In Normal Life, At One Point You Feel Low, But At The Next Moment You Feel High.

Who Are The People Who Troll, How Important Are They, Sometimes I Feel Sorry For Such People

If You See From The Point Of View Of His Trolls Then Maybe It Is His Frustration But Never Mind