Internet is running slow in the phone, do this setting, speed will increase

Slow Down The Internet Running In The Phone, This Setting Will Increase The Speed

Due To Slow Internet Speed In The Phone, Users Have To Face Many Problems.

By Setting Some Settings In The Phone, The Problem Of Internet Slow Can Be Overcome.

Here We Are Telling You Some Such Tips, After Doing It In The Phone, The Internet Will Start Running Like A Rocket.

If The Internet Is Running Slow In The Phone, Then Clear Its Cache, The Cache Not Only Slows Down The Internet Speed Of The Phone But Also Slows Down The Processing.

Close The Apps Running In The Background Of The Phone, It Keeps On Using The Internet Of The Phone, Due To Which The Internet Speed Of The Phone Slows Down.

Internet Speed Slows Down Due To Apps Being Engaged On Auto Update, Due To Which The Data Also Ends Quickly, So Always Keep The App Auto Update Off.

If Heavy Apps Do Not Run Properly In Your Phone, Then You Can Use The Light Version Of The Apps Instead, In Which The Internet Speed Runs Very Fast.

Many Times The Network Setting In The Phone Goes To The Default, Due To Which The Internet Becomes Slow, In This Case, Reset The Network Setting Of Your Phone And Restart The Phone.

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