Indian Railway 

Indian Railway :Tte और Tc में क्या होता है फर्क? जानें By Arbaaj 2023-03-15 17:46 Ist Jagranjosh.Com

Indian Railways Indian Railways Is Called The Lifeline Of India Because About 15,000 Trains Run Daily Across The Country.

Railway Travel If You Have Traveled In Indian Railways, Then You Must Know Tc But Hardly Know Tte.

Tc Tc Means Ticket Collector And Their Job Is To Check Tickets In Indian Railways Trains.

Work Tc Has The Right To Impose Fine On You Even Without Ticket.

Tte Is Tte I.E. Traveling Ticket Examiner And Their Work Is Also To Check Tickets.

Work If You Are Facing Any Kind Of Railway Related Inconvenience, Then In That Case You Can Register Your Complaint In The Complaint Book Kept With Tte.

The Difference Is That The Basic Work Of Both Tc And Tte Is To Check Tickets, The Difference Is That Tc Checks Inside The Train And Tte Checks On The Platform.

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