Important facts about the rivers originating from the Himalayas

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Rivers Originating In The Himalayas The Rivers Originating In The Himalayas Are Formed By The Retreat Of Snow And Glaciers And Have A Continuous Flow Throughout The Year.

The Indus River Is One Of The Great Rivers Of The World, Which Originates Near Mansarovar In Tibet And Joins The Indian Ocean Near Karachi, Pakistan.

The Ganges River Brahmaputra Meghna Is Another Important System Whose Sub-Basin Areas Are The Bhagirathi And The Alaknanda Which Join At Devprayag To Form The Ganges.

The Brahmaputra River Enters India Up To Arunachal Pradesh And Covers A Long Distance, Here It Is Called Dihang.

The Brahmaputra River Flows Through A Narrow Valley, Near Pasi Ghat It Joins The Debang And Lohit Brahmaputra Rivers And This Combined River Flows Through The Whole Of Assam In A Narrow Valley.

The Important Tributaries Of Ganga Are Yamuna, Ramganga, Ghaghra, Gandak, Kosi, Mahanadi And Son Ganga.

Sub-Tributaries Chambal And Betwa Are Important Sub-Tributaries That Join The Yamuna Before Joining The Ganges.

Where Does The Padma River Meet Padma And Brahmaputra Meet In Bangladesh And Keep Flowing As Padma Or Ganga.

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