If you are going on Chardham Yatra then keep these things in mind

Keep These Things In Mind While Going On Chardham Yatra By Aajtakin 23 April 2023

As Soon As The Chardham Yatra Begins, The Administration Has Started Taking Precautions Regarding The Convenience Of The Passengers.

This Time The Yatra Is Going To Be Special As The Officials Are Visiting Gangotri And Yamunotri Dham Along With The Yatra Routes

Generally It Was Seen That The Pilgrims Had To Face Inconvenience As Soon As The Chardham Yatra Started.

This Time The Officers Are Verifying The Facilities By Visiting Gangotri And Yamunotri Dham.

The District Magistrate Has Directed That By Introducing Decency, The Journey Of The Devotees Should Be Completed Smoothly And Safely.

By Issuing An Advisory, The District Administration Has Called Upon The Passengers To Keep Warm Clothes With Them During The Journey.

Notify The First Medical Responder And The Nearest Health Center In Case Of Any Complications

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