How will be the condition of Vijay Mallya in arrest, pictures of Ai Create

Vijay Mallya, Accused Of Scam Worth Thousands Of Crores, Fled Abroad 26 Apr 2023 Ikramuddin Saifi

The Government Is Trying Its Best To Bring Him Back To India.

Hope He Will Be Brought To Justice Soon

But Before That Ai Cricketed Such Pictures In Which The Police Arrested Him

In This, The Police Have Surrounded Him From All Sides And Are Being Taken To Appear In The Court.

In Some Pictures Fugitive Mallya Is Sad And In Others He Is Seen Smiling.

However, Make It Clear That These Pictures Have Been Created By Ai, Which Should Be Seen Only For Entertainment.

All Photos Have Been Created With The Help Of Ai I.E. Artificial Intelligence Photos Madhav Kohli

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