Hdfc Bank has made the loan costlier… Emi of home and auto loan will increase

8 May 2023 By Business Team Hdfc Bank Has Made The Loan Costlier, Home And Auto Loan Emi Will Increase

Hdfc Bank, The Largest Private Sector Bank In The Country, Has Given A Big Blow To Its Customers.

The Bank Has Increased The Marginal Cost Of Funds Based Lending Rate Mclr From 005 To 015 Percent.

After This Decision Of The Bank, Along With New Customers, The Loan Emi Of Old Customers Will Also Increase.

The New Mclr Rates Issued By Hdfc Bank Have Become Effective From 8 May 2023 I.E. Monday

According To The Website Of Hdfc Bank, Now The Mclr For One Night Loan Has Become 795%.

This Rate Has Increased To 810 Percent For A Period Of One Month And 840 Percent For Three Months.

Mclr 880 Per Cent For A Loan Of Six Months, While One Year Mclr Has Become 905 Per Cent.

Please Tell Here That Most Consumer Loans, Including Home Loans And Auto Loans, Are Linked To This One-Year Mclr.

Mclr Is Actually A Benchmark Implemented By Rbi, On The Basis Of Which All Banks Decide The Loan Interest Rates.

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