Gay Dating... Young man made relationship with gay husband and his wife

Gay Dating Young Man Made Relationship With Gay Husband And His Wife By Aajtakin 23 April 2023

This Case Is From Sambhajinagar In Maharashtra, Here A Young Man Was Connected To A Group Through Gay Dating App.

After Joining The Group On The Dating App, The Young Man Became Friends With A Married Man, Both Were Homosexuals, Then They Started Having A Relationship Together.

Police Say That The Young Man Used To Go To The Married Man'S House Several Times And Used To Stay There At Night, When The Married Man Used To Fall Asleep, The Young Man Used To Have A Relationship With His Wife As Well.

This Process Was Going On For A Long Time, But On April 7, When The Young Man Was In An Objectionable Position With The Wife Of A Gay Friend, His Gay Friend Saw

After Seeing A Gay Friend In An Objectionable Position With His Wife At Night, The Man Got Angry And Caught Hold Of The Youth And Thrashed Him Badly.

The Married Man Also Called His Brother And Some Friends, All Of Whom Together Brutally Beat The Young Man, Due To Which He Died.

Actually Both Of Them Met Through Gay Dating App, Remained In Gay Relationship For A Long Time, But When They Saw The Young Man With His Wife, They Killed Him.

A Married Gay Man Killed A Young Man After Seeing His Wife Having An Affair, Then Loaded The Body On A Bike And Threw It In The Jagdamba Ginning Complex Near Mantha Bazar Committee.