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Indian History The Subcontinent Extending From The Himalayas In The North To The Sea In The South Is Known As Bharatavarsha. Know Further The Important Information Related To The Texts.

The Oldest Religious Text In India Is The Veda, Which Was Compiled By Maharishi Krishna Dvaipayana Vedavyasa.

In Atharvveda, On Which Subject Information Is Found, In Atharvveda, Disease Prevention, Tantramantra, Witchcraft, Curse, Subjugation, Marriage, Love, Royalty, Motherland, Etc. Are Known.

Sources Of Ancient Indian History Information About Ancient Indian History Is Obtained From 4 Sources, Scriptures, Historical Texts, Descriptions Of Foreigners And Archaeological Sources.

Who Was Megasthenes? He Was The Ambassador Of Seleucus Nicator Who Came To The Court Of Chandragupta Maurya And Wrote About Not Only The Society But Also The Culture There In His Book Indica.

Do You Know The Number Of Suktas In Rigveda? The Number Of Suktas And Shlokas In Rigveda Is 1028 And 10462.

The Bhagavatisutra Gives An Account Of Mahavira'S Life And His Relations With Other Contemporaries.

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