From 86 to 57 kg, this is how Parineeti Chopra reduced her weight

This Is How Parineeti Of 86 Kg Reduced Her Weight By 28 Kg Kumar Sarash Source May 12 2023

Bollywood Actress Parineeti Chopra Had Lost Around 28 Kilos, Know How Parineeti'S Fat To Fit Journey Was. Sources

Parineeti'S Weight Was 86 Kg Before Coming To Films But Now She Has Reduced Her Weight A Lot. Sources

Parineeti Had To Work Hard For This. Sources

For This, Parineeti Used To Go To The Gym Every Day And Used To Diet A Lot. Sources

Apart From Workouts, Parineeti Also Used To Do Yoga. Sources

Parineeti Removed Fast Food From Her Diet And Then Reduced Outside Food. Sources

Even Today Parineeti Works Very Hard. Sources

Let Us Tell That Parineeti Is Soon Going To Get Engaged To Aap Leader Raghav Chadha. Sources