Famous actress had a bad fate in Ishq, has worked with Salman

29 April 2023 Photo Source Instagram Mar Dalunga Actress Had A Bad Time In Love, Had Worked With Salman

Actress Told The Pain Flora Saini Is One Of The Successful Actresses Of Bollywood And South, Flora'S Screen Name Is Asha Saini, Who Has Told The Pain Of Love In An Interview.

Actress Says I Used To Be Fat In School, Didn'T Get Work In Bollywood Due To Obesity But Got Films In South Due To Increased Weight

Sharing The Experience Of Love Life, Asha Told That I Was In Love With A Man, He Was From The Industry, On His Saying, I Had Left My Parents' House.

Leaving My House, I Started Living With Him In A Live-In Relationship, Things Were Fine For A Few Days, But After That He Started Beating Me.

Couldn'T Understand Why This Is Happening Things Got Worse So I Left Him After That He Apologized To Me Emotionally Blackmailed Me And Called Me Back

I Was Madly In Love With Him I Gave Him A Second Chance And Then We Started Living Together But He Didn'T Change The Person He Started Fighting With Me Again

He Used To Beat Me A Lot, Punched Me On The Face And Stomach, Strangled Me, Felt For A Moment That I Would Not Survive Now, I Could Not Stay With Him, So I Came Out Of There And Came To My Mother.

Because Of Me For The First Time My Parents Approached The Police No One Was Ready To File A Report Because That Person Was A Big Name In The Industry I Tried To Move Forward In Life