Dry Scalp Solutions

Image Credit Istock Dry Scalp Solutions

Shampoo Image Credit Istock To Keep Dry Scalp Hydrated In Summer, Wash Hair With Shampoo Only Twice Or Thrice A Week, For This Prefer An Ayurvedic Shampoo.

Image Credit Istock Regular Massage For Good Hair Health, Massage The Scalp Daily, It Is Effective In Promoting Hair Growth By Making It Healthy.

Image Credit Istock Hair Mask Apply Hair Mask On Scalp Twice A Week, In Summer You Can Use Curd Egg Or Fruit Hair Mask

Image Credit Istock Diet Balance Our Diet Also Affects Our Hair, So Include Omega 3 Fish Oil, Green Vegetables And Fruits In Your Diet.

Image Credit Istock Hydrated Hair Products Use Hair Products That Will Help Keep Your Scalp Hydrated At All Times, Which Will In Turn Make Your Hair Healthier.

Image Credit Istock Oiling You Can Appreciate Oiling To Keep Scalp Deep Nourished You Can Wash Hair With Shampoo After 30 Minutes Of Oiling