Do you know about these biggest railway junction of India?

You Know About These Biggest Railway Junction Of India By Prakhar Pandey 20230312 1843 Ist Jagranjoshcom

Lifeline Let'S Know About The Lifeline Of India About The Biggest Railway Junctions Of Indian Railways.

In The Context Of Rail Transport, A Junction Is A Place Where Two Or More Rail Routes Converge Or Diverge. 7 Such Junctions Which Are Counted In India'S Largest Platform Due To Length.

Gorakhpur Junction Gorakhpur Junction Is One Of The Largest Railway Station In India. The Combined Length Of Platform Number 1 And 2 Of The Railway Junction Is About 4483 Feet.

Kollam Junction The Length Of This Junction Is About 3873 Feet. There Are A Total Of 6 Platforms And 17 Tracks At Kollam Junction Located In Kerala.

Kharagpur Junction The Length Of Kharagpur Junction In West Bengal Is More Than 3500 Feet Long And There Are Total 12 Platforms At This Station Out Of Which 2 Are Currently Under Construction.

Bilaspur Junction Bilaspur Junction Of Chhattisgarh Comes At Number Four In This List. This Junction With A Length Of 2361 Feet Has 9 Platforms And 18 Tracks.

Jhansi Junction Jhansi Junction, Located In Uttar Pradesh, Is The Fifth Largest Railway Station In India, With A Length Of 770 Metres, Having 7 Platforms And 13 Tracks.

Sonpur Station This Sonpur Railway Station In Bihar Is More Than 2400 Feet Long, With A Total Of 6 Platforms And 8 Tracks.

Navadweep Dham The Length Of Navadweep Dham Station Of West Bengal Is 2362 Feet. Presently This Station Has 4 Platforms And 2 Tracks In Use.

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