Da can get good news again, the salary of central employees will increase!

May 6, 2023 By Business Team Da Good News Can Be Found Again, The Salary Of Central Employees Will Increase So Much

The Central Government Can Once Again Give Great News To The Central Employees In The Next Few Months.

There Is News That The Government May Increase Da By Four Percent For The Second Half Of This Year As Well.

The Government Had Increased Da And Dr By Four Percent For The First Half Of January To July 2023.

If There Is A 4% Increase In The Second Half, Then The Da Of Central Employees Will Increase From 42% To 46%.

The Government Approves The Increase In Da For The Second Half In September Or October, But This Time It Is Likely To Be Announced In August.

Explain That According To The Recommendations Of The Seventh Pay Commission, There Is An Increase In Da Twice A Year.

Da Is Part Of The Salary Structure Of Government Employees, Considering The Inflation Rate, The Central Government Increases The Da Of Employees.

If The Da Of Central Employees Becomes 46 Percent, Then Their Salary Will Also Increase.

If The Basic Pay Of A Central Employee Is Rs 18000, Then Da At The Rate Of 42 Per Cent Becomes Rs 7560.

If The Da Increases To 46% In The Second Half, Then The Da Will Become Rs 8280, Which Means The Salary Will Increase By Rs 720 Per Month.

The Government Had Increased The Da By Four Per Cent In The Second Half Of The Year 2022 As Well, So This Time Too This Much Increase Is Being Expected.

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