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Cuet Ug Students Demands To Be Fully Implemented In Jamia Cuet By Priyanka Pal 20230322 1707 Ist Jagranjoshcom

Demand Of Students Students In Jamia Are Demanding To Apply Cuet For All Courses. Students Told That University Is Giving Admission In Selected Courses Only.

University'S Decision Jamia Millia Islamia Has Decided Not To Implement The Cuet.

Ugc Action Has Informed The Ugc Chairman Regarding The Problems Being Faced By The Students And Issuing 'Show Cause Notices' To The Students.

Raising The Issue Of Jamia Issuing 'Show Cause Notice' To The Students In Front Of The Ugc Chairman, These Students Have Demanded To Take Cognizance Of The Matter.

Admission In 20 Courses In Jamia Jamia Millia Islamia Has Decided To Give Admission In Only 20 Courses Through Cuet In The Year 2023.

The Jamia Unit President Said That Admission Through Cuet Will Provide Equal Opportunities To All Students From Remote And Backward Sections To Enter Central Universities.

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