Cbse Class 12 History Exam 2023

Cbse Class 12 History Exam 2023 : Check Important Guidelines By Priyanka Pal 2023-03-29 12:01 Ist Jagranjosh.Com

Cbse Exam 2023 - The Central Board Of Secondary Education Is Scheduled To Conduct The Class 12 History Exam 2023 On March 29.

Exam Day Instruction - Reach Your Exam Center Well In Advance So You Can Avoid Rushing And Feeling Stressed.

Stay Calm - Do Some Light Stretching And Remind Yourself That You Have Prepared Well For The Exam.

Read Admit Card Instructions Carefully - Make Sure You Clearly Read The Instructions Mentioned On The Admit Card Guidelines For Each Section Of The Exam.

Manage Your Time - Pace Yourself So That You Have Enough Time To Answer All The Questions.

Review Your Answers - Before Submitting Your Answer Sheet To The Invigilator Review Your Answers.

Utilise 3 Hours - Use All The Time You Have Been Given To Complete The Exam.

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