Bumper interest on 999 days Fd, vigorous scheme of this bank

9 May 2023 By Business Team Bumper Interest On 999 Days Fd Vigorous Scheme Of This Bank

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ssfb Has Changed The Interest Rates On Fixed Deposits

The Bank Has Increased The Interest Rates On Fds Of Rs 2 Crore From One To Five Years By 49 To 160 Basis Points.

The Bank Said In A Statement That The New Interest Rates Have Become Effective From May 5. Senior Citizens Will Get An Additional Interest Of 50 Basis Points.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Is Offering An Interest Of Over 9% On Fixed Deposits Maturing In 999 Days And Five Years

After The Change In Interest Rates, The Bank Is Offering Interest Between 400 Percent To 910 Percent On Fd To The General Public.

The Bank Is Offering Interest Between 450 To 960 To Senior Citizens On Fds Of Less Than Two Crore Rupees From Seven Years To 10 Years.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Had Earlier Changed Its Fd Interest Rates In March 2023

In The Last Financial Year, The Reserve Bank Had Continuously Increased The Repo Rate, Due To Which Banks Also Increased Their Fd Interest Rates.

Apart From Ssfb, Unity Small Finance Bank Is Offering 950% Interest On Fds Of 1001 Days For Senior Citizen Customers.

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