Ajwain Seeds For Skin

Image Credit Istock Ajwain Seeds For Skin

Ajwain Face Pack Image Credit Isstock Ajwain Face Pack Applied On The Face Makes The Skin Glow, For This You Can Apply Ajwain Mixed With Curd On The Face.

Image Credit Istock Celery Paste If Your Skin Is Acne Prone, Grind Celery And Add Lemon Juice To It And Make A Paste. Apply It On Pimples And Wash It After Some Time.

Image Credit Istock Ajwain Water To Make The Skin Shiny And Healthy From Within, Soak Ajwain In Water Overnight, Then Filter It In The Morning And Drink It On An Empty Stomach.

Image Credit Istock Celery Scrub To Remove Tanning And Blackheads, Mix Lemon Juice And Sugar In Celery And Apply It On The Skin, Wash It After Some Time.

Image Credit Istock Celery Oil If You Have Any Kind Of Skin Problem, You Can Apply 12 Drops Of Celery Oil On The Skin, It Will Also Make The Skin Shiny.