Actor's first wife's child was breastfed by second wife, fans surprised to see love

29 April 2023 Pc Instagram Fans Surprised To See Actor'S First Wife'S Child Being Breastfed By Second Wife

Payal Kritika'S Bonding Youtuber Armaan Malik'S First Wife Payal Has Become A Mother Again, A Son And A Daughter Have Been Born In Their House Pic Credit Getty Images

Armaan'S Second Wife Kritika Gave Birth To A Son 20 Days Before Payal Became A Mother. Three Children Have Been Born In Their House In One Month.

Payal Is Still In The Hospital, She Is Suffering From Cough After Delivery, Due To Which She Is Not Able To Breastfeed The Children.

Because Of This, Payal'S Newborn Son Ayaan Has Been Given The First Feed By His Second Mother I.E. Kritika, Payal Told Kritika To Do So.

In The Vlog, Kritika Told That It Was Payal Who Told Her To Breastfeed Her Little Prince As She Would Not Be Able To Feed The Baby Due To Cough.

Kritika Understood Payal'S Point And Gave Feed To Ayan. People Are Liking This Bond Of Payal And Kritika.

The Understanding And Mutual Love Between The Two Is Being Appreciated. There Is A Lot Of Love Between The Two Sons-In-Law, Which Is Rarely Seen.

Kritika And Payal Do Not Discriminate Between Each Other'S Children, For Them They Have 4 Children Who Have Two Mothers, These Four Children Will Get Double Love Of The Mother.