50 year old choreographer did second marriage, spot with wife after 3 years

29 April 2023 Source Instagram 50 Year Old Choreographer Did Second Marriage In Haste Spot With Wife After 3 Years

Spot Choreographer Dancer Director Prabhudeva, Who Was Married To His Wife After 3 Years, Had A Hasty Second Marriage In The Year 2020.

Prabhudeva Is Said To Have Married A Physiotherapist Named Himani Singh.

Prabhudeva Divorced His First Wife Ramlata In The Year 2011. They Also Have Three Children.

Because There Was A Lockdown In The Year 2020 And No One Was Getting Out Of The House Due To Kovid

In Such A Situation, Prabhudeva Got Married With Himani In A Very Private Ceremony.

No One Knew About It But Now After Three Years Prabhudeva Was Spotted With Himani For The First Time.

Couple Went To Visit Trirupati Balaji Temple, During This The Photo Of Both Of Them Is Becoming Quite Viral.

But Himani Is Seen In A Mask Whereas Prabhudheva Appeared Without A Mask.