10 interesting things related to Badrinath, where Bholenath once lived

According To Mythology, Lord Shiva Used To Reside In Bradinath And Lord Vishnu Asked Him For This Place 27 Apr 2023 Renu Yadav

The Bradinath Temple Is Not Dedicated To Lord Shiva But To Lord Vishnu, Where Lord Vishnu Meditated Under The Bridi Tree.

There Is An Idol Of Narnarayan In Badrinath Made Of Shaligram.

The Priests Of Badrinath Are Brahmins From Kerala And Only They Have The Right To Worship Here.

When The Doors Of Badrinath Are Closed, The Oil Lamp Always Burns In The Temple, Till The Doors Are Opened, The Lamp Burns.

It Is Said That Lord Rama Also Reached Badrinath To Have Darshan Of Lord Vishnu.

There Is A Kund In Badrinath Where Hot Water Always Comes, In Which There Is A Tradition Of Bathing, It Is Called Hot Tapt Kund.

The Priests Of Badrinath Follow Celibacy And Are Forbidden To Touch Women.

It Is Believed That Kedarnath Must Be Visited Before Visiting Badrinath.